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National Electrical Manufactures' Representatives Association (NEMRA) is a powerful voice in the electrical industry and an advocate for the independent manufacturers' representative and the manufacturer affiliates. NEMRA members are the premier sales and marketing agencies

The Electrical Board of Missouri & Illinois


The Electrical Board of Missouri and Illinois provides members industry information, educational training in various types of formats and opportunities for peer interaction throughout the year. The Electrical Board serves the region of Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois as a unifying force for the industry. The direction of the organization is driven by the active participation of our membership leaders, your peers.

National Association of Electrical Distributors

NAED connects the entire electrical industry, serving as a hub of networking, education, and research. The enhanced knowledge and expertise members gain from NAED translates into better service for their customers. For example, when a member learns how to improve their operational systems, it means faster response, better product availability, smoother invoicing, and other benefits for those who do business with that company. When members save customers time and money, it results in a competitive advantage.


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