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GIBSON STAINLESS // New Product Release



Split ring clamps are designed to provide space between a raceway and the wall, floor, ceiling or other structure on which it is run.  This “stand-off” is often found in wash-down areas where water and chemicals are used to clean the area and where it is necessary to ensure nothing is trapped between the conduit system  and the mounting surface.

GIBSON STAINLESS // New Product Release


2-½” Conduit Hubs,  Grounding Hubs, Locknuts, and Grounding Locknuts


Gibson Stainless has added the 2-½” size to their conduit hub and locknut   product line.  Heavy-duty, cast CF8M/316 SS conduit hubs are designed for use with threaded conduit and provide a means of connecting conduit to various enclosures and/or for terminating electric circuits. A neoprene “O” ring provides a watertight seal and a specially designed locknut (316 SS) grips firmly for secure installation.  Stainless steel locknuts are used to connect and secure threaded rigid conduit to an enclosure or outlet box. 

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